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Alpha Zurich (Pty) Ltd services the agricultural sector, and predominantly specialises in the domestic and international trading of hard and soft commodities that includes wheat, fertilizer, soya beans and chromium. We have separate divisions that specialise in each commodity and offer complete supply chain solutions and risk management services to farmers and other producers. Alpha Zurich’s gross turnover is in excess of R1 Billion per annum and we continue to execute our growth strategy which will see rapid expansion into key market sectors within the next two financial years. Alpha Zurich is part of a conglomerate of private, independently owned companies and is led by a senior professional team with over forty years’ combined experience.


Our grain traders have developed close working relationships with farmers throughout major wheat producing areas in Southern Africa. The services we offer include logistics and the marketing of each product.


We provide a fast, flexible service to fertiliser manufacturers and blenders. Our professional team strives to facilitate the best possible prices of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and assorted micro nutrients.

Soya Beans

Soya bean production is one of the fastest growing sectors of the South African agricultural industry as farmers have taken advantage of rising import prices to meet local crushing demands.


Our specialist chromium division works with producers in marketing and delivering chromium in all its forms. Our scope of work includes chromite ore, ferrochromium, metallic chromium or a chromium oxide.



At Alpha Zurich we provide a fast, efficient service at a competitive price. We utilise our own logistics fleet and have established long term partnerships with silo owners, bulk-storage facilities and millers. Once we have taken delivery of your consignment, our teams of experts closely manage each stage of the supply chain until your consignment has reached its final destination; providing you with peace of mind and reassurance.

Risk Management

Proactive Solutions for a Dynamic Market
Market Sector Intelligence Division

We provide our customers a comprehensive range of hedging products through an established network of registered traders who operate on the JSE Commodity Derivatives Market. We connect farmers and producers with their markets and offer them all of the financial instruments required to mitigate their pricing risk of operating in a dynamic, market-driven environment.

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